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France Rail Passes
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Visit France’s Picturesque Vineyards and Elegant Cities with France Rail Passes

France is known for many things - its cheese, wine, and pastries being three particular highlights. Despite the stereotypes, though, it’s actually a very large and varied country. From the vineyards, valleys and gorgeous beaches of the south, to the cooler climes of the historic north, it’s a country bursting with all kinds of scenery, cuisine, and culture. And the best way to experience such beauty? From the comfort of a high-speed train.

Two different rail passes to explore France are available: the Interrail France Pass and the Interrail Global Pass. Both offer their own unique benefits and can be easily booked through International Rail.

The Interrail France Pass is a one-country ticket allowing three, four, six or eight days of train travel within a one-month period. That means you can travel on any days of your choosing over the course of four weeks. On your selected travel days you can take as many trains as you want. Discounts are also available for youths, student, and seniors, with family tickets available for adults traveling with children.

The Interrail Global Pass can be used in 30 European countries, including France, and offers many different travel options. One ticket offers five days of travel within a 15-day period, while another offers 15 continuous days of travel. Because this is also an Interrail pass, the same discounts are available as with the one-country pass.

Booking France Rail Passes

To learn more about the France rail passes on offer, give us a call on +44 (0) 871 231 0790. We’ll be happy to help you plan your French adventure.

Alternatively, if you require only one or two train journeys in France, head to our Rail Tickets page where you can book France train tickets for specific destinations and dates.