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Discover France by Train with the InterRail France Pass

Interrail France Pass Interrail France Pass

Travel comfortably to all the highlights of France such as Paris, the French Riviera or the Brittany Coast. Exceptional service, fine food, and breath taking scenery await you along with spacious accommodations. Although the InterRail Pass does allow travel on the TGV, you do need to purchase a reservation before boarding the train. For Eurostar services, InterRail Pass holders are eligible for discounted Eurostar tickets as the InterRail Pass is not valid on the Eurostar.

France is even closer to Britain now thanks to the Eurostar services between London and Lille & Paris. With its unmatched service and world-class amenities and accommodations, the Eurostar eases you into the train experience of a lifetime. From the elegant streets of Paris, to the rolling lavender fields of Provence, France bursts with esteem and beauty and what better way to discover it all then by the super-fast French TGV - the Train a Grande Vitesse! Whether racing from Paris to Marseille for a business meeting, or hurrying to Paris to take in the sites, travelers on the TGV enjoy the speed, comfort, and convenience of modern, fast trains.

The Eurostar and reservations on the TGV services can also be booked with us.

Booking your InterRail France Pass

The InterRail France Pass can be booked to allow for 3, 4, 6 or 8 travel days within a one-month period. That means that, over the course of a month, you can travel on that specific number of days.

If you are interested in travelling outside France on your trip, you might consider booking the InterRail Global Pass, which allows for travel between 30 European countries. To find out more about the passes available, visit our Rail Passes page. To book individual train tickets within France, head to our Rail Tickets page.

Using your InterRail France Pass

Your InterRail France Pass can be used on all participating SNCF railway services on your specified travel days.

It allows for exclusive discounts on two ferry routes between France and Ireland, Roscoff-Rosslare and Cherbourg-Rosslare, and special prices on the Eurostar. Pass-holders can also travel for free on certain bus routes.