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  • It’s the best way to travel around Europe with 30 countries covered in one pass
  • Interrail pass holders get discounts and benefits in the countries visited
  • It offers flexibility and value with discounts for youth, seniors, and children go for free!
  • NEW for 2017 – Youth travellers are now 27 years old and under!

Experience the adventure of train travel

Interrail Global Pass Interrail Global Pass

A trip around Europe is too often an unchecked item on people’s bucket lists. It is nothing short of a dream for many to be spending time trekking across the Swiss Alps, visiting the art galleries in Rome, shopping in France, and more.

While getting to Europe is easy enough, getting around can be tricky if not planned right.

The best option to get around Europe is by train. There are few railway networks in the world as efficient and comfortable as the European rail networks. The comfort of the journey is only enhanced by the picturesque scenes that travellers have an insight to while touring the charming continent by train.

Of course, the steep prices might seem daunting at first, but that’s where we come in.

Economical and enormously efficient, we offer the Interrail Global Pass, which covers train transit across Europe, all on one pass. Wherever you want to go, and whenever you want to go, these rail passes allow you to build your journey according to your schedule and plan.

With Interrail Global Pass you can visit close to 30 countries with just one pass! No tickets, no queuing—just simple, hassle-free travel across Europe.

What’s more, we can help you avail of an attractive discount on your pass, as well, depending on the time of booking and travel. To top it off, there are special discounts for senior citizens and children available, too.

The benefits of the Interrail Global Pass don’t end there – as a pass-holder, you can also avail discounts on select ferries, certain European hotels and hostels, museums and local transport, and much more.

If you’re looking to travel across single countries in Europe, we also offer One Country passes such as Interrail Great Britain Pass, Interrail Germany Pass, Interrail Switzerland Pass and more.