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Queensland Explorer Pass Queensland Explorer Pass

Unlimited rail travel in Queensland for one or two months...
The Queensland Explorer Pass offers unlimited travel for one or two months across the Queensland Rail network. See every corner of Queensland - from Cairns in the north, to Brisbane in the south and the Queensland outback that extends to Charleville, Longreach and Mount Isa.

*Please allow an additional 2 working days for the processing and issuance of this Australian rail pass*

Passengers are requested to arrive at their first station of travel at least 90 minutes prior to departure to have their Voucher exchanged for a Pass and validated for travel. Pass exchange stations for the Queensland Rail Explorer Pass are Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. Pre-booking, amendment or cancellation of all train/coach bookings is required at least 24 hours in advance. To ensure you obtain maximum value from your pass, you are strongly advised to reserve space on as many sectors as possible before travel (and at least 24 hours) or before arrival in Australia if itinerary is known.

You can pre-book any journeys onto your pass in advance through ourselves for a small per journey charge, plus any upgrade surcharges should these be applicable.

As the pass does not guarantee that the holder will be able to obtain accommodation, pre-booking, amendment or cancellation of all train / coach bookings is required at least 24 hours in advance. To ensure you obtain maximum value from your pass, you are strongly advised to reserve  space on as many sectors as possible before travel (and at least 24 hours) or before arrival in Australia if itinerary is know.

You can pre-book any journeys on to your pass in advance through ourselves for a small per-journey charge, plus any upgrade  surcharges should these be applicable.

Passport numbers are required when booking all passes.

The Queensland Explorer Pass is available for travel in economy seats on the following Traveltrain services:
Tilt Train (Bundaberg and Rockhampton only)
The Sunlander
Spirit of the Outback
The Inlander
The Westlander

Pass holders may upgrade to business seats on Tilt Train services (Cairns, Rockhampton and Bundaberg) and any available sleeping berths upon payment of the applicable difference in fares. The pass holder may upgrade to a business seat on the Tilt Train to Cairns for free when booking journeys within seven days of travel (valid to 31 December 2010).

The Queensland Explorer Pass is issued to and accepted by the person named on the ticket, subject to the Railways Acts By-Laws, Reulations and General Conditions of Carriage in force in each Railway System to which the travel applies.

The Queensland Explorer Pass is valid for use on specified rail and coach services operated by the following Railway Systems - Great Southern Rail (Red service day/ nighter seats); Queensland Rail (economy seats), CountryLink (economy seats). It is not valid on any Metropolitan services or North Queensland Tourist Train services.Travel must commence and the pass validated within 6 months of the date of purchase.

Travel must be completed within the stipulated length of time (that is either 3 or 6 months) from the date of validation endorsed on the pass at the initial departure point.

The holder may upgrade to travel in first class, business class or Red Premium Service seats and sleeping berths on payment of the applicable upgrade amount.

The Queensland Explorer Pass is only available for purchase by bonafide overseas visitors to Australia. A passport must be produced at the time of purchase to verify the customer  is a resident of another country and is not a resident of Australia.

A reservation is essential prior to the use of the pass and entitles the customer to only one allocation on any service. The travel pass is a receipt only and does not guarantee travel. A reservation for each individual sector of travel is necessary to obtain a valid travel ticket.

The Queensland Explorer Pass must be presented with the passport of the holder at the ticket office of the departure point of the initial journey for validation and endorsing of the total period of availability on the pass document. The passport with ticket is to be produced by the holder for all subsequent journeys at either the ticket office or to on-board staff for verification.

The Queensland Explorer Pass is available at the published rate and no further concessions apply.

The Queensland Explorer Pass may be subject to a fuel price surcharge per sector booked on The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland.

The Queensland Explorer Pass is non transferable and only one customer per pass only.

Refunds and Ticket/Pass Changes
There is no refund on partially used, lost or stolen passes. We strongly recommend that your travel insurance protects you against loss or theft of your rail pass.

If the pass is returned for cancellation or alteration before the first date of travel listed on the pass, then we have a standard 20% cancellation/alteration fee in addition to an administrative charge per ticket, in all cases.

Cancellations and alterations can only be made when we receive the pass/ticket prior to the first date of travel.

Duplicate or replacement passes/tickets cannot be issued under any conditions.