Sweden Rail Passes

Sweden Rail Passes
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Return to Nature as you Explore Sweden with a Sweden Rail Pass

Sweden is like nowhere else on Earth. This beautiful Scandinavian nation is best known for its numerous coastal islands, huge forests and chilly northern regions, but it’s also a hub for art, culture, fashion and technology. With a rail pass you can explore everything Sweden has to offer - from the colourful urban hustle and bustle of Stockholm to the quiet beauty of lakeside Östersund.

Choosing a Sweden Rail Pass

When it comes to travelling through Sweden, you have two different rail pass options.

The first is the Sweden Interrail Pass. This can be booked to allow for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days of train travel within a one-month period. It also incorporates free ferry travel on certain lines, and fantastic discounts on other ferries, as well as museums and the atmospheric narrow-gauge railway route between Hultsfred and Västervik. This Sweden rail pass is the perfect option for travellers who want to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. For those looking to venture further afield, there’s the Interrail Global Pass.

The Interrail Global Pass allows you to travel between 30 different European countries, including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and France. It allows for many different modes of travel and incorporates participating ferry and public transport routes.

Booking your Sweden Train Tickets

Once you have chosen your perfect Sweden train tickets, you can start booking. You’ll be able to choose between a first and second-class pass, as well as choosing your number of travel days. And don’t forget that you can get exclusive discounts if you are under 26 or a senior.

If you only require one or two individual Sweden rail tickets and not a full pass, head to our Rail Tickets page. Here you can select specific destinations and travel dates.