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The Canadian

Toronto to Vancouver, travel between one of Canada's largest cities and the Pacific Coast

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You wake up and open the curtains to be greeted by the majestic Rocky Mountains slowly emerging from a veil of clouds. You prepare quickly for breakfast, spurred on by the gentle rocking of the train and the promise of freshly brewed coffee.

After leisurely savouring your breakfast omelette, you collect your book and head to the Skyline car. There, you'll sip, read, socialise... and scan the panoramic view for a glimpse of elk moving across the valley.

Relive the romance of train travel
The Toronto-Vancouver train, which takes four days to travel between one of Canada's largest cities and the Pacific Coast, lets you see the breadth of the country like never before.

Take in boreal forests reflecting on the surface of the Great Lakes. Prairie sunsets painting vast skies in shades of fire. Mountain peaks towering above as the train winds through the Rockies.

Choose the relaxing ambience and attentive service of budget travel in Economy class, or upgrade to the pleasures of a cosy bed, a gourmet table and exclusive access to stylish lounges in Sleeper Touring class.

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