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France's high-speed train service

The TGV is a high speed service that will take you all over France linking Paris to over 200 cities including Avignon, Rennes, Nice and Marseille. It also takes you beyond France to cities such as Luxembourg, Brussels, Geneva or Italy.

Popular rail journeys:

- Paris » Rennes - journey time 2 hours 3 minutes
- Paris » Bordeaux - journey time 2 hours 59 minutes
- Paris » Nice - journey time 5 hours 29 minutes
- Paris » Lyon - journey time 1 hour 57 minutes
- Paris » Milan - journey time 7 hours 8 minutes

The TGV runs frequently and everyday 450 trains criss cross the european rail network offering a wide choice of journey times. With speeds of up to 322kph (201mph) the TGV is a firm contender to air travel.

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