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A great way to explore a new destination is by train. Not only do you have insight into everything unique about the place you visit, it is also very comfortable.

While travel is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of life, the hassle that comes with planning trips, booking tickets and figuring out dates can put a damper on your holidays. Moreover, the long queues and time wasted is an unnecessary interruption to the daily routine.

Booking rail tickets online is one way to ensure that your holiday remains stress-free. A seasoned traveller knows that pre-booking train tickets avoids confusion, since the itinerary is already in place.

At International Rail, we offer a range of rail tickets and rail passes online to ensure convenience of travel for our users. You can book point-to-point tickets or country passes with ease and our expert team of consultants is always happy to help you with planning your journey.

Our booking process is simple and convenient. All that is required is that you fill out our online form with details including journey points, dates of travel and personal details. Save time by making multiple bookings in one go and opt for your class preference with ease, depending on availability.

Further, you have the flexibility to choose between booking one-way and round trip tickets, as well as the number of train transfers you are comfortable with, for your complete satisfaction.

Once you have completed the form, we generate your travel itinerary options from which you can pick the most convenient one of your choice before making the payment.

We offer a wide range of train tickets including Australia rail tickets, train tickets in the USA, rail tickets UK and South Africa train tickets, among many others. Travel across destinations such as Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, France, Switzerland and more with ease. Plan your adventures today!