Interrail Sweden Pass

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Discover Breath-taking Scandinavian Sceneries with the Interrail Sweden Pass

Interrail Sweden Pass Interrail Sweden Pass

Interrail passes are one of the best ways to travel across Europe, but they’re also fantastic for touring individual destinations. One country that is just begging to be explored by train is the beautiful Scandinavian nation of Sweden. Famous for its stunning natural landscapes, coastal islands, forests and snow-capped mountains, Sweden also boasts some of the most cosmopolitan and contemporary cities in the whole of Europe.

With the Interrail Sweden Pass you have the freedom to explore this beautiful country at your own pace. You could start in the stylish capital of Stockholm, which is spread out over 14 different islands and boasts an excellent museum scene, before moving on to the cities of Malmo, home to the Oresund Bridge connecting Sweden with Denmark, and Gothenburg, famous for its canals. Venture further north and you can experience traditional Sami culture, visit ancient villages, learn local crafts and – if you’re lucky – sneak a peek at the Northern Lights.

Booking your Pass

When you book your Interrail Sweden Pass, you can choose between three, four, six or eight days of travel within one month. On those days you can take multiple train journeys, making it the perfect choice of pass if you need to travel long distances.

It’s also possible to book yourself into either first or second class – and if you’re a student, youth or a senior you’ll be able to nab a significant discount on the price of your pass. Just bear in mind that only European residents can buy Interrail passes– if you’re not from Europe you can travel with a Eurail pass instead.

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