Trenitalia Night Trains

Trenitalia's most versatile services for medium to long distance journeys. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, using the night trains will provide comfortable travel in wagon lits or couchettes, arriving well rested at your destination. It can also save time and money as there would be no need to stop off on route and no need to pay out for hotel accommodation.

Other benefits are relaxation and safety as there would be no traffic jams on motorways or stress involved in long car journeys or transfers to and from airports. By train you arrive directly in the centre without the inconveniences of bad weather.

The trains run between:-

Bolzano - Lecca
Blozano - Reggio Calabria
Bolzano - Agrigento
Bolzano - Bari
Bolzano - Cortone
Milan - Lecca
Milan - Naples
Milan - Palermo
Milan - Bari
Milan - Salerno
Reggio Calabria - Siracusa
Reggio Calabria - Villan San Giovanni
Reggio Calabria - Agrigento
Reggio Calabria - Calalzo
Reggio Calabria - Lecce
Rome - Palermo
Rome - Reggio Calabria
Rome - San Candido
Rome - Siracusa
Rome - Bari
Rome - Lecce
Rome - Naples
Turin - Palermo
Turin - Reggio Calabria
Turin - Salerno
Turin - Villa San Giovanni
Trieste - Lecce
Udine - Naples
Venice - Lecce
Venice - Siracusa
Venice - Villa San Giovanni

Night trains are composed of the following carriages:
- Single Sleeper Cabins - Ideal for those travelling alone and whom want privacy.
- Double Sleeper Cabins - For couples travelling together, offering comfort in standard class
- T3 Sleeper Cabins - Ideal for smalll groups, offering comfort in standard class
- 4 Berth Couchettes - Cabins with 4 sleeper beds, ideal for backpackers.
- 6 Berth Couchettes - The most advantageous choice for night travellers due to the competitive price.
- Car/ Motorcycle onboard - A great way to travel by train without missing out the advantages of having your car at your destination. This option can only be booked at ticket office or travel agencies within Italy.

Should you wish to find out more about any of the services offered by Trenitalia please feel free to contact us or just go for it and book online now!

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Images courtesy of Trenitalia © Archivio Ferrovie dello Sato Italiane