Trenitalia Intercity Trains

The Intercity trains travel on traditional tracks and connect large and medium cities such as Bolzano and Milan with the cities and towns as listed below. This helps support an effective interchange system with local trains and AV high speed trains.

The Intercity trains travel between the following cities:

Bolzano - Bari
Bolzano - Lecce
Bolzano - Crotone
Bolzano - Livorno
Milan - Naples
Milan - Ventigmilia
Milan - Bari
Rome - Palermo
Rome - Siracusa
Trieste - Naples
Turin - Salerno
Turin - Bari
Venice - Naples

- Top speed 280 km/h; top commercial speed 250 Km/h
- The Intercity are variable composition trains.
- All carriages are air conditioned, and include sound systems.

1st class carriages:
- UIC Z1 - 54 seats divided into 9 compartments (3 seats in a row and side aisle)
- Gran Comfort - 48 seats divided into 8 compartments or in an open space carriage with central aisle (3 seats per row) in recently restyled carriages (every seat equipped with a power socket)

2nd class carriages:
- UIC Z1 - 66 seats divided into 11 compartments
- UIC Z1 HK - 70 seats in an open space carriage with central aisle and facilities for disabled passengers.
- UIC Z1 Semiplota - 64 seats in an open space carriage with central aisle and comfort cabin.

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Images courtesy of Trenitalia © Archivio Ferrovie dello Sato Italiane