About us - We have over 20 years experience in the rail industry

International Rail is an independent limited liability company, specialising in the sale and distribution of Rail Tickets and Passes for rail travel, world-wide. 

With over 20 years in the rail industry, we have been able to put our experience to good use to create the most comprehensive international rail booking website in existence. 

Our UK headquarters are based in Hampshire and here we have our call center where our highly trained staff are there to help you plan and cost your journey, to help you make the most of your time away. 

Our product portfolio is extensive and is constantly being updated. In Europe it includes over 66,000 Point to Point routes including Eurostar, French TGV, German ICE, InterCity, EuroCity and Spanish high speed trains. When booking online, rest assured that your personal and account information is secure on our sites as we employ the latest 128-bit encryption technology in all parts of our site that require any personal information exchange including the payment pages.

Rail fares have become as complex as air fares and require specialist consultants to ensure the best ticket price is obtained. The route, journey time and ticket type will affect the price of each ticket. 

Our technology platforms are geared to sourcing the lowest available fare and in addition, we routinely offer excellent discounts on standard ticket prices for our customers based on different time options and through the combination of one way fares. 

 If we are using a photograph under copyright and by mistake, omit to show the correct copyright details, we apologise to those concerned and once notified, will remove the picture straight away, or if allowed, make reference to the owner in the correct way. It is not our intention to use any picture without authorisation.