Trenitalia's new Frecciarossa trains run with a million passengers a month on the high speed line connecting Turin to Salerno, Northern to Southern Italy. ES* AV High Speed FRECCIAROSSA trains are High Speed trains travelling on AV High Speed tracks between the following cities:


High Speed

- Top speed 360 km/h; top commercial speed 300 Km/h
- 2 hours 59 minutes from Rome to Milan
- 37 minutes from Bologna to Florence
- 1 hour 10 minutes from Rome to Naples
- 4 hours 10 minutes from Naples to Milan
- 4 hours 13 minutes from Rome to Turin
- 1 hour 45 minutes from Milan to Florence
- 60 minutes from Turin to Milan

Milan - Rome: 70 connections
- 28 non-stop connections (any intermediate stops)
- 30 connections stopping at Bologna and Firenze SMN stations
- 12 trains Milano Porta Garibaldi - Roma Termini, stopping at Milano Rogoredo, Bologna and Firenze stations
- 2 trains stopping at Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena stations.
NEW: 4 connections Florence- Malpensa Airport and Naples- Malpensa airport

High Frequency
Milan - Naples: 35 connections
- 4 connections stopping only at Roma Tiburtina station(4h10')
- 7 connections stopping only at Roma Termini station (4h25')
- 24 trains stopping also at Bologna Centrale,Firenze SMN and Roma Termini station (4h55')
- NEW 8 connections to / from Salermo

High frequency

- 6 trains stopping at Milano Centrale station
- 12 trains stopping at Milano Porta Garibaldi, Rogoredo, Bologna and Firenze SMN stations
- New (as from Dec 12th): direct connection from Turin to Naples via Rome Tiburtina

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Images courtesy of Trenitalia © Archivio Ferrovie dello Sato Italiane