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Travel Management

At International Rail we understand the increasing requirement to provide a fully global rail service for your corporate clients at the very best price and with access to the best availability. With access to more rail networks than any other travel provider, coupled with our own proprietary technology – 1track – you will be able to offer your corporate clients almost any journey in the world and you will always have access to the best fares and availability because of our direct links to all rail systems.

Whether it’s a full rail booking solution or just access to a few countries that you need, we have the technology, contracts and expertise to provide the right solution for you.

What is ?

1track is our own proprietary technology created specifically for rail booking. Through 1track your agents will be able to book rail (including high-speed trains), instantly and online for Eurostar, UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, The Netherlands, Spain and coming soon - China. For the rest of the world they will be able to book via a simple online form (through 1track) with a guaranteed turnaround time from our call centres. You will also have the option of your own Rail Expert dedicated to your business, or access to the corporate teams within our call centres where you will have a named account manager. We are linking more and more rail booking systems through 1track and continue to increase the number of countries you can book live online every year. Please click here for more information.

Case Study – Corporate Travel Management

When it comes to travel management, the complexities of ground transportation are often underestimated. I mean, just how hard can it be to book a train ticket? Well depending on where our clients’ travellers need to get to, it can be very tricky indeed.

A seemingly straight-forward journey such as the UK to Amsterdam, for example, can involve using up to three different rail companies, each with a different booking system, rules and processes. So, you see – it’s not quite as straightforward as one would assume.

This is why CTM has partnered with International Rail Ltd for our rail bookings since the start of 2017. International Rail Ltd has over 25 years’ experience in booking rail travel all over the world and a large team of highly trained, professional staff with unparalleled access to a whole range of booking systems. All of this combined means they really do make rail booking look easy.

International Rail Ltd

  • Takes the hard work out of our rail bookings, which means CTM’s agents are then able to easily slot rail into any of the travel itineraries we create for our clients
  • Has a specially tailored booking site that allows agents to place bookings quickly and easily and its dedicated team allows our agents to touch base whenever needed
  • Has a team of competent agents who are committed to providing the highest customer service and adept at finding the best possible deals for CTM’s clients
  • Agents can avoid the unnecessary charges that using several companies can produce, which saves our customers money
  • Can issue Point to Point tickets or passes for travel in most of Continental Europe, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, India, China, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, special trains such as the Tran-Siberian, Trans Mongolian, Orient Express and more. This means they can cover more of the globe than any other rail provider and this is growing, as more countries are developing High Speed lines, which makes rail an excellent option for our clients’ business travellers
  • Additionally, we can pay all in one regular invoice in one agreed currency which makes our accounting admin straight forward and saves time.
  • Gives us and our clientele security whilst knowing with one rail itinerary where the client can be reached if needed.

Although we’ve only been working with International Rail Ltd for a relatively short time, our partnership has gone from strength to strength and we are looking forward to growing this connection in the future.