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Interrail Benelux Pass Interrail Benelux Pass

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg are grouped together as the Benelux countries.


Belgium, a three-region and three-language country, offers a gateway into medieval times, while it dazzles with splendid modernity. This remarkable country is home to the enchanting city of Bruges, with crystal canals snaking through the city, dubbing it the "Venice of the North". Belgium is also the diamond capital of the world - perfect for shoppers looking to spare no expense!

The Netherlands

Known for its abundance of tulips, windmills, clogs and canals, The Netherlands (or Holland) overflows with scenery and intriguing culture. From the cobblestones of Amsterdam to the pottery of Delft, this region is best experienced by train.


Start your mini-tour enjoying riverside café culture in the elegant streets of Luxembourg City, one of Europe's loveliest cities, before taking in the fairytale castles of Vianden and Clervaux. Follow that with a spot of wine tasting in the Moselle valley before loosening your belt for a gastronomic treat in Mullerthal, heart of little Switzerland...and still be back in time for tea!

If you are planning to travel beyond Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg or intend on exploring various other countries in Europe over a longer period of time, then you may want to consider purchasing an InterRail Global Pass which allows unlimited and cost effective rail travel on the complete network of the participating railways including those of the Benelux countries (subject to the terms and conditions of the pass).