BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass

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Discover the Hidden Gems of the Scottish Countryside. Journey Across Scotland with Train Tickets from International Rail

BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass

If ever a country was made to be explored by train, it’s Scotland. From the rolling green hills of the Borders to the rugged mountain terrain of the Cairngorms, this desirable holiday destination is all about the stunning natural scenery. Best of all? Travelling around Scotland couldn’t be easier with the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass (previously the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass)!

Demonstrating great integrated transport, the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass is valid on the National Rail Network, Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries and certain coach routes.

Scotland has so much to see from the tallest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis, to many long sandy beaches and you can also visit many of the Scottish Hebridean islands too. Travel the length and breadth of Scotland using the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass.

Booking your Scotland Train Tickets

When booking train tickets for Scotland through International Rail, start by deciding what kind of trip you want to have. If you’re planning on travelling around the country, the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass is the perfect option. This pass allows you to select 4 days of travel inside any 8-day period, or alternatively 8 travel days in 15. On your selected travel days you can take as many journeys as you want.

If you want to book individual train tickets for specific dates and destinations, head to our Rail Tickets page. To browse other passes, visit our Rail Passes page.

Using your Scotland Train Tickets

Once you have your Spirit of Scotland Pass, you can enjoy Scotland's entire National Rail network. You can travel for free on any Caledonian MacBrayne ferry, and selected coach routes, as well as enjoying exclusive discounts on Northlink Ferries.

Seat Reservations: Reservations for particular journeys are not compulsory, but for busy trains are advisable (ie: mainlines in peak hours.) It is not necessary to validate a pass in order to reserve a seat / sleeping berth in advance. Normal fees are payable.

First Class and Standard Class: Many local trains in England, Scotland and Wales have Standard Class accommodation only. This has been accounted for in price of the First Class Passes.

Exclusions: The BritRail pass is not valid on Eurostar services, special excursions, Tyne and Wear Metro Trains (Newcastle-upon-Tyne area), Glasgow Underground trains, Manchester Metro link, road links between airports and railway stations, Docklands Light Railway, Tram links, privately owned railways, steam services, London Underground trains and buses, ships, hovercraft, nor any other services not mentioned.

Pass Validation: Passes are issued open dated and must be validated within 11 months from the date of issue and prior to the first use. To validate a rail pass, present it along with your passport to the Railway official at the station of departure. At this time, the first and the last day of validity of the pass as well as the passport number is entered and the passenger must sign the pass. Under no circumstances is the pass holder allowed to validate his or her own pass. If, however, your first journey is from an unstaffed station, your pass will be valid provided you take it to be validated at the next interchange station, or at your destination station. In the case of a Flexipass, the passenger must enter the date of travel each day before he/she boards the first train of the day. BritRail Passes are valid from 00:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs (Midnight to Midnight) on a chosen day of travel. If a pass holder is travelling on an overnight train containing sleeper accommodation, the next day’s date must be inserted. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the payment of a fine and the cost of a full fare ticket.

Prices: BritRail reserves the right to change prices without notice whether such changes are related or not to alterations in the rates of exchange.

Refunds will be granted if: The unvalidated Pass or original exchange coupon or voucher is returned to the office from which it was purchased within 11 months from the date of issue, (unless a different time period is specified by your travel agent). Passes or tickets must bear no evidence of having been tampered with in any way. No refund can be made in Britain. No refund can be made if the Pass or Ticket cannot be produced. Refunds are not given on validated Passes once the commencement date has been reached.

Where a Pass forms part of an inclusive Tour Package, it is not separately refundable. Where no other cancellation charges are specified by travel agent, the cancellation charge will be a minimum of 15%. Special offers are not refundable. Neither the Participating Operators nor their Agents can accept any responsibility for any failure in the provision of any special offers included. Refunds should not be returned to the Freepost address listed on this ticket cover but to the agent you originally purchased it through. Seat and Sleeper reservations are non refundable.

Lost Tickets: BritRail is not responsible for tickets or vouchers, which are lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed. Refunds cannot be authorized in such cases. Therefore, travel insurance or ticket protection is recommended.