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Interrail Denmark Pass Interrail Denmark Pass

Think of the great exports Denmark gives us: Lego, Carlsberg, Bang & Olufsen, Danish Pastries, Hans-Christian Andersen and, er, bacon! With such a diverse range of national treasures, it's hardly surprising to learn that what this country lacks in size, it more than makes up for in the enormous variety of ideas and experiences it offers! This is abundantly clear in many of its beautiful cities: Classically elegant Copenhagen, gastronomic hotspot Aalborg and deeply historic Arhus all boast gorgeous historical attractions that have grown old gracefully alongside striking new architecture. Such a big-thinking palette of Modern and Ancient forms a perfect backdrop for this nation to showcase its unique take on friendly hospitality.

Booking your Interrail Denmark Pass

It’s quick and easy to book your Interrail Denmark Pass though International Rail. All you have to decide is which style of pass suits you best. You can choose 3, 4, 6 or 8 days of travel within a one-month period. You also have the option of travelling first or second class. With this style of pass, you can take as many journeys as you want on your designated travel days. Don’t forget that youths (i.e. anyone under 26) and children can also benefit from fantastic discounts when booking with Interrail.

If you want to venture outside of Denmark, the Interrail Global Pass is a great option – this 30-country pass is valid for transport in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.

Using your Interrail Denmark Pass

The beauty of an Interrail Denmark Pass is that it can be used on all participating Danish rail networks, as well as certain ferry routes to Sweden and Germany. Your pass can be used to get discounts on ferry routes to Norway, and a 25% discount on entry to the Danish Railway Museum in Odense.

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