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BritRail England FlexiPass BritRail England FlexiPass

England may be known around the world for tea, roast dinners, rain and being the home of the Queen, but there’s a lot more to this little country than first meets the eye. Bustling cosmopolitan cities, world cuisine and a thriving arts scene combine with ancient ruins, historic architecture and some of the most beautiful natural scenery on the continent. It all makes for a truly magical holiday destination. Travel through this fantastic country with a BritRail England FlexiPass in your pocket and you can explore England’s finest attractions at your own pace.

Booking your BritRail England FlexiPass

The beauty of a flexible pass is that it doesn’t require you to travel on consecutive days. With the BritRail England FlexiPass, you can select 3, 4, 8 or 15 days of travel within a one-month period. On your chosen travel days you can take as many journeys as you want - provided they are with participating rail lines.

If you’d rather travel on continuous days, you can book the BritRail England Pass. To learn more about this pass and other train tickets, visit our Rail Passes page.

Don’t forget that if you’re travelling in a group of three or more adults, you qualify for the Adult Saver discount. Children travelling with adults can also travel for free.

Using your BritRail England FlexiPass

This fantastic pass doesn’t just allow you unlimited travel on the English National Rail network, it also allows you to travel for free on certain airport trains and the Night Riviera Sleeper.

Just remember, if you do take the sleeper train you will need to reserve a berth in advance. Overnight travel also requires you to take two consecutive travel days.