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Interrail Italy Pass Interrail Italy Pass

Crave a slice of La Dolce Vita? Whatever your passion there is plenty of “the sweet life” to go round in the wonderful country of Italy. Food enthusiasts can tour ancient markets, sampling heavenly food and drink. Culture hounds can flock to the wonders of Pompeii, Rome and Florence. Hopeless romantics will find heaven on Earth in Venice and Lake Como. And beach bums are spoiled for choice on Italy's glorious coasts, which still leaves amazing shopping, scenic countryside and pleasant weather for the rest of us!

If you are planning to travel beyond Italy or intend on exploring various countries in Europe over a longer period of time, then you may want to consider purchasing an InterRail Global pass which allows unlimited and cost effective rail travel on the complete network of the participating railways including Italy (subject to the terms and conditions of the pass).

Note: Every Adult InterRail Pass purchased 2 children can travel for free. (Any additional children travelling will simply need to purchase a Youth Pass). Also – Youth Passes are now available in First Class!

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