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Travel across England, Scotland and Wales on a Budget with the Britrail Consecutive Pass


See the Best of Britain with a Britrail Consecutive Pass

BritRail Consecutive Pass BritRail Consecutive Pass

Purchasing a BritRail Pass gives you the ability to travel across the entire National Rail network of Great Britain.

Valid for travel in England, Wales and Scotland and with consecutive durations you can hop on all mainline trains to visit some of the most scenic places Britain has to offer.

Travel where you please, connect Britain’s capital cities, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. Where will your BritRail Pass take you?

This BritRail Consecutive Pass is only available to residents outside of Europe.

Booking your Britrail Consecutive Pass

Ordering a BritRail Consecutive Pass through International Rail is simple and straightforward. Start your booking journey by deciding how many travel days you require. You can choose between 3, 4, 8, 15, 22 days, or one full month of consecutive travel days; with this type of pass you can take unlimited journeys until the pass expires.

If you want to explore other rail passes and train tickets, International Rail can help with that too. Give us a call on +44 (0) 871 231 0790 and we can take you through your options.

Using your Britrail Consecutive Pass

When you travel with a BritRail Consecutive Pass you can enjoy unlimited travel on the National Rail network across England, Wales and Scotland. It can be used on airport trains from Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted, and the Caledonian and Night Riviera sleeper trains (provided you reserve a berth in advance).

PLEASE NOTE: This BritRail Consecutive Pass is only valid for residents outside of Europe.

BritRail is a trademarked name of the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) whose members operate rail services on Britain’s National Rail network.

Seat Reservations: Reservations for particular journeys are not compulsory, but for busy trains are advisable (ie: mainlines in peak hours.) It is not necessary to validate a pass in order to reserve a seat / sleeping berth in advance. Normal fees are payable.

First Class and Standard Class: Many local trains in England, Scotland and Wales have Standard Class accommodation only. This has been accounted for in price of the First Class Passes.

Purchase Restrictions: Pass holders must be non-UK residents. BritRail and its representatives may ask at any time for proof of foreign residency and reserve the right to confiscate the ticket or pass in such circumstances. The BritRail ticket is non-transferable and must only be used by the person or persons specified on the ticket.

Exclusions: The BritRail pass is not valid on Eurostar services, special excursions, Tyne and Wear Metro Trains (Newcastle-upon-Tyne area), Glasgow Underground trains, Manchester Metro link, road links between airports and railway stations, Docklands Light Railway, Tram links, privately owned railways, steam services, London Underground trains and buses, ships, hovercraft, nor any other services not mentioned.

Prices: BritRail reserves the right to change prices without notice whether such changes are related or not to alterations in the rates of exchange.

Refunds will be granted if: The unvalidated Pass or original exchange coupon or voucher is returned to the office from which it was purchased within 11 months from the date of issue, (unless a different time period is specified by your travel agent).Passes or tickets must bear no evidence of having been tampered with in any way. No refund or exchange can be made at stations in Britain. No refund can be made if the Pass or Ticket cannot be produced. Refunds are not given on validated Passes once the commencement date has been reached for both Paper and M-Passes..

Where a Pass forms part of an inclusive Tour Package, it is not separately refundable. Where no other cancellation charges are specified by travel agent, the cancellation charge will be a minimum of 15%. Special offers are not refundable. Neither the Participating Operators nor their Agents can accept any responsibility for any failure in the provision of any special offers included. Refunds should not be returned to the Freepost address listed on this ticket cover but to the agent you originally purchased it through. Seat and Sleeper reservations are non refundable.

Lost Tickets: BritRail is not responsible for tickets or vouchers, which are lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed. Refunds cannot be authorized in such cases. Therefore, travel insurance is recommended.  The agent you purchase this Rail Pass through may also advise a rail protection cover for your pass while travelling.

Conditions for BritRail Products

General Conditions for all BritRail Consecutive and Flexipasses: Validated passes which include days when no train service operates (Christmas, etc.) will be extended by the number of days when no service operates. First Class Pass holders should note that some trains provide standard accommodation only, this is allowed for in the pricing of the First Class Pass.

The BritRail Pass (First Class and Standard Class) allows travel on all scheduled trains of Participating Operators in Great Britain (or temporary replacement road services). BritRail Passes are valid on Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express and Stansted Express.