BritRail London Plus Pass

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Go Sightseeing in London and its Surrounding Areas with the Britrail London Plus Pass


Enjoy Day Trips Within and Outside London with the Britrail London Plus Pass

BritRail London Plus Pass BritRail London Plus Pass

London is a fantastic city to travel through and spend time in - but it’s not the only desirable destination in southern England. With the BritRail London Plus Pass, you can enjoy all kinds of exciting day-trips. Visit Cambridge to try your hand at punting and tour the historic university buildings, journey out to Bristol to experience the artsy café scene, or enjoy a beach day at Eastbourne, Southend or Brighton. Wherever you go, you’ll find history, culture, art, and plenty of good pubs!

Booking your Britrail London Plus Pass

When you book your pass through International Rail you have the opportunity to tailor your ticket to your exact needs and budget. Start by choosing between travelling first or second class, and then decide how many travel days you will require within a one-month period (3, 4 or 8). Over the period of four weeks, you can use your travel days at any point and you can take unlimited trains on that day, which is very convenient for longer journeys.

Just don’t forget that these kinds of rail tickets are only available to non-UK residents - and you will be expected to present ID whenever you use it.

Using your Britrail London Plus Pass

The BritRail London Plus Pass can be used in place of individual train tickets on a variety of different services in the south east of England. Not only can you travel as far as Bath, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon, Weymouth and the Isle of Wight, you can also travel on certain services within London itself. These London services include the Overgroundand the airport trains for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted (provided you use them on your designated travel days).