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The Frecciargento trains are dedicated trains whisking passengers travelling between Rome and Venice, Verona/Bolzano, Bari/Lecce, Lamezia Terme/ReggioCalabria. The trains are designed to offer you the best in comfort.

The Frecciargento trains (ETR 600 e ETR 485) are tilting trains running on High Speed and conventional tracks, dedicated to passengers travelling between Rome and Venice, Verona and Bolzano, Bari and Lecce, Lamezia Terme and ReggioCalabria.

Fast trains: Top speed 280 km/h; top commercial speed 250 Km/h;

They run from Rome to:

  • Venezia/Udine
  • Verona/Brescia/Bolzano
  • Bari/Lecce
  • Lamezia Terme/Reggio Calabria


  • 28 trains Rome - Venezia S.L in 3 hours 30 minutes. 2 trains from Mestre go on to Udine
  • 8 trains Rome - Verona in 3 hours. 2 trains go on to Brescia and 4 trains go onto Bolzano
  • 8 trains Rome - Bari 4 hours 03 minutes - 4 hours 25 minutes. 6 trains go on to Lecce
  • 2 FAST trains Rome - Lamezia Terme 3 hours 59 minutes that go on to Reggio Calabria 5 hours 12 minutes.
  • Brand-new (as from Dec 12th): direct connection Venice-Naples

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